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Weekend.. Shot! 30 April 2006

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Work , trackback

Darn, sometimes I hate my life.  My boss asks me to redo the whole database for the state of Kedah.  Exactly 33,297 records in the database.  First I have to clean them for duplicates, then I have to slowly and painfully update them to prepare for upload into the new database and eventually, new system that they gonna use at the Ministry.

Someone else might do the job ala – "chin chai"..  Well, someone else did..  I started the job first, did it about 20% to a quater of the way.  Later my boss told me to turn it over to someone else and told me to concentrate on my prime duties.  Well, they botched it bad enough that my boss asks me to redo it again, from the top.

Oh well..


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