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Detached process with wget 8 September 2006

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Linux,Work , trackback

Now, this is the umpteenth time I tried to post this. Problem with my webhoster’s security settings. It’s the infamous 406 Not Acceptable error!

Anyway, I need to download a fairly large file on my server which I accessed it remotely via ssh. Problem is that I can’t wait while it finishes the download. I need to close the session and get some real work done somewhere else 😉 (Hey the laptop battery might expire on me)

This is how I do it –

# (wget -o logfile http://www.example.com/dl_file.gz &)

The “wget -o logfile” parameter will allow you to monitor the download progress in real time. Just tail the logfile –

# tail -f ./logfile

You can also monitor the process thus –

# ps -ef | grep wget

This one will show you all the wget processes that you have detached, including information of what file is currently being downloaded complete with the url and logfiles.

Probably you’ll want to assign a different log file name for each of the detached process 😉

-ps Much appreciation to Alexander B. of my WebHost for assisting in that pesky 406 error.


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