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Lau Jun Wei 8 October 2006

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I first saw this news article on News Straits Times last Friday (6th October 2006).

Simply put, I was very much disturbed by this event. It really affects me deeply as I went through two days thinking about Lau Jun Wei. Looking at his picture, I can hear his cries vividly. It seems very real, as I have to only imagine my nephew or niece whom are about the same age to imagine the poor child, alone and abused.

Whoever’s responsible, I sincerely hoped that they’ll be punished to the maximum extent of the law.

Sexually-abused child dies, couple held

06 Oct 2006
Jassmine Shadiqe

JOHOR BARU: He must have gone through hell before he died. And he was just three.

Lau Jun Wei is believed to have been tied up for hours and sexually abused until his private parts turned blue and his anus was bleeding.

There were also signs on his buttocks that he had been repeatedly whipped.

The abrasions on his little body were unbelievable: He even had bruises on his head.Lau Jun Wei

A private doctor took one look at the dead child and the extent of injuries on Wednesday, and called in the police.

A 29-year-old relative and her 23-year-old boyfriend, who had brought Jun Wei’s battered body to the clinic about 3.50pm, were detained.

Their explanation to the doctor that the child had become unconscious after a fall won’t stand up to scrutiny as a post-mortem in a day or two will reveal the sordid truth.

What is sure is this: Jun Wei died after being methodically abused in the two rooms that his relative and her boyfriend had rented at a house in Jalan Kebudayaan, Taman University, here.

It is learnt Jun Wei’s parents are separated and that his father’s whereabouts are unknown.

Hours after the couple was detained, it emerged from their housemates that although they appeared normal, there had been signs that something was amiss.

A housemate, a primary school teacher who only wanted to be identified as Theen, said he sometimes heard thumping noises from the couple’s rooms after midnight.

Jun Wei's Room“They maintained a quiet profile and there was nothing openly suspicious about them, except for the thumping noises,” said Theen, 26, who lived downstairs.

He said when he saw the couple about 3.30pm on Wednesday, “the boy’s relative was looking very pale and in a state of panic”.

“The boyfriend was waiting outside in a taxi. There was no sign of the boy.”

Theen said the boy seldom left his room, having been seen only about three times in the living room since his relative and her boyfriend moved in three months ago.

He said another strange thing was that the couple sometimes left Jun Wei alone in his room when they went out.

“I used to hear him weeping inside his room. People just don’t leave their three-year-old alone at home.”Drawing found in Lau Jun Wei's room

Another housemate, who wanted to be known only as Tan, 29, said although her room was next to the couple’s, she seldom saw or heard the child. Jun Wei was unusually quiet for a boy of his age, she said.

It is learnt that the boyfriend works in a handphone shop at the housing estate and is related to the house owner.

Skudai district police chief Assistant Commissioner Johari Yahya, who confirmed the incident, said the case was being investigated as murder.


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