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New Year Resolutions.. 14 January 2007

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Home,Linux,Society,Work , trackback

A week or so ago, I was asked by a journalist-friend to comment on my technological resolutions from last year and this year.  Particularly those made, kept and broken.  😉

Well, I did some and eventually, it appears in the local daily’s tech section!  😯

I am nowhere really an expert, but that was something that I really strive for, with the grace of god, and assistance from friends and colleagues alike – god-willing..

Below are part of the article which appears in full here

Resolutions made, kept, and broken

A system engineer with XyBase Sdn Bhd, Maulviridha Abu Bakar, is the resident Linux expert at work. Maulviridha is also into self-initiated awareness programs on Linux.
Last year, his resolution was to enhance his personal knowledge of Linux and Free and Open Source software. He had also intended to migrate all internal servers at work to Linux and Free and Open Source Software.
He had initiated the process last year at work and had been successful with some recognition from his employers.
They even let him conduct training internally and for customers, and Maulviridha intends to accomplish more this year.
He had also wanted to make Linux as the main operating system on his desktop for everyday use but to this day, he has only Linux installed on his desktop on a dual-boot configuration with Windows.
There appears to be a snag in the plan to go totally Linux both at work and home, says Maulviridha. “I seem to go back to Windows for some crucial usage and applications. For example, in the case of Microsoft Visio, there seems to be no quality alternative.”

Nonetheless, there’s much for me still to learn..  “Life is a lifelong learning experience”



1. Yee - 17 January 2008

Hi…. i had an offer to join xybase company but there is some comment that the company are under fine by EPF that did not pay employee’s EPF and salary is out very slow or late.

Do you have any comment?

2. Maulvi Bakar - 21 January 2008

I’ve been with XYBASE for about 3 years. Absolutely never had XYBASE was slow or delayed in payment of my salary all this while.

On the other hand, as I understand it, XYBASE went through some lean and difficult times during the 2004-2006 period. During these troubled period, we did managed not to retrench or fire any staff due to redundancy. While there were hiccups but one thing for sure, I’ve never experienced any delay to my salary, thank god for that.

While it is true that there are times XYBASE delayed payment of EPF due to some reasons or another, but as of today, I’ve confirmed, XYBASE have cleared all arrears of EPF. Mine at least.

Sorry for the late reply, hope your questions are answered. Look me up if you do happen to join us.

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