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Gnome-RDP, Terminal Server Client, vncviewer – Fullscreen woes! 12 December 2007

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Linux,System , trackback

Well, I am using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.  Feeling gutsy right?  😉

Anyway, it seems that whenever I connect to a remote machine via VNC protocol, doesn’t matter what my client of choice, if I am using ‘Fullscreen’, I’ll be ‘Full Screaming’.  Seems that the CTRL-ALT-ENTER does not work for me to switch windows.  I’ll be stuck to the remote machine screen.

Fortunately, there’s hope yet.  Press ‘F8’ button and voila! There’s a host of options in the menu revealed.



1. Martin - 19 April 2008

Great! You saved my guts 🙂 I am just looking for any help from the remote machine to which I connected via vncviewer in full screen mode 😀 wow 🙂

Now I need to find out how to glue vncviewer to one virtual desktop and switch between remote machine and local machine.

World is nice!

2. Anup - 4 September 2008

They seem to have fixed the switching bug in 8.04 (Hardy)

You can switch between fullscreen terminal server client and desktop using “CTRL+ALT+TAB”.

I have no clue whether the bug in VNC is fixed but in general I find TSC more convenient to work with.

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