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Apache Redirection – http to https 24 March 2008

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Many times have you encountered situation where you want to automatically redirect a page from one site to another. Simple problem of having a http://example.com/Some/Url/resource and http://www.example.com/Some/Url/resource to a https://www.example.com/Some/Url/resource

Actually, it is as simple as a single line in the http.conf file like thus –

Redirect permanent / https://www.example.com/

Therefore, anything that you put there will be redirected to the other site preserving the same resource url locations. It was so simple that I got disgusted! Darn!

Inhouse Celebrity 16 March 2008

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Well, today I’ve been blessed with a daughter. My first-born child – Farah Farzana.

From Farah Farzana