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Malaysian Fuel Economy 12 December 2009

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Society , trackback

Today I make a discovery with mixed feelings.

My main mode of transportation is a japanese-made K-Car, locally assembled and branded.  I love that car. It is small, zippy and cute too.  Just nice for my own personal use.

The Malaysian government introduces a new type of petrol/gasoline a few months ago – RON95 and phases out the RON92.  At the same time, the price for RON97 was raised to RM2.05 per litre and RON95 was priced at RM1.80 per litre, the old price for RON97.

Just like sheep, I too committed and tried this new type of fuel. After all, the one which we’re used to are now more expensive, litre-wise. Soon after, I noticed some significant differences when using the RON95 fuel. On one hand, I seem to be missing somewhere about 50KM total of mileage out of a full gas-tank. On the other, my trusty, zippy car now seems to lost it’s pickup and responsiveness.

In response to this new development in my car driving experience, I decided to do a little test –

On a full gas-tank of RON95, I decided to the risk of really pushing the distance. With a sharp-eye on the fuel indicator, waiting until the needle went past ‘Empty’, only then I pull into a gas station for a refill. Usually, it was 430KM, this time, I managed to squeeze 450KM!

The refill was at 35 litres! Thus if I am to refill with RON95 at RM1.80 per litre for 35 litres, with a mileage of about 12.85KM per litre, it will set me back by RM63.

This time, I tried refilling with RON97 fuel at RM2.05 per litre for 35 litres. A full tank of RON97 costs me RM71.75

Now with RON97, I really drove my car almost like a maniac!  Mind you, almost!! I am not a total maniac.  But the responsiveness returned!! I really love it!  The car was so speedy that on the way back home from work on one fine day causes a hatchback german-made luxury car said to be imported from the state of Bavaria felt it’s ego challenged.  No dispute that he’s the emperor of the roads and a K-Car is not your class of competition but some people really do wants to show-off like kids!

Enough digressing, I am sure everyone’s more interested in the mileage distance. Bear in mind, while on Ron95, I drove normally.  On RON97, let’s just say – I enjoyed driving.  This time the distance is 515KM.  I am sure I can go further.  But when I refill the gas-tank again, with RON97, it’s 35 litres!

Let’s calculate – RON97 at 35 litres at RM2.05 per litres, I achieved 515KM.  That gives me 14.71KM per litre! It sets me back by RM71.75 for the 35litres.

If I am to achieve 515KM on RON95 at 12.85KM per litre, I have to put in 40 litres of fuel  which will cost me RM72. Now the difference is so slight here!  But I believe I can achieve better results if I did not substitute a brick for my foot on the accelerator and if I drive more like sane people like everyone else. (No! I believe I am sane, everyone else are maniacs!)

Furthermore, the response that I get from my car is simply fantastic!.  The difference where it counts might be insignificant, but just count how many cars are out there in the streets! Imagine the amount of profit that they rake!  I am driving a car with a fairly efficient engine.  How about those who drove cars with really bad fuel consumption technology? Those on Carburetors instead of Fuel Injections – Uh! disclaimer, I don’t even know what those words means!

Anyhow, enjoy!!


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