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Loading US Keyboard Map QWERTY on Linux 14 March 2011

Posted by Maulvi Bakar in : Linux,Work , trackback

Sometimes, when you’re supporting machines located on various parts of the world, you’ll encounter machines with funny keyboard arrangements.

This is normal!

Different parts of Europe and Canada uses different keyboard language layout. You’re using a machine with US Keyboard layout to access these machines and to change the layout to it, issue the following commands –

/bin/loadkeys /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us.map.gz

Inside the same directory lists a bunch of other commonly/un-commonly used keyboard keymaps. Your mileage vary depending were you’re located from and what type of keyboard you’re using.



1. Justin Ng - 3 June 2011

Nice Unix blog here! 😉

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