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A Shell-Shocked Badlander… Escapes to the promised land which turns out to be Hardlands.  Life is harsh and brutal. Danger lurks in many places, beneath the calmest of waters, rip currents raging..  The Ex-Badlander then a Hardlander have moved away and migrated to the real promised lands!  The former Badlander and Hardlander is no longer a System Engineer. In the promised lands, he is just a System Administrator.  It may not be “Fluid Level Controller” but it is important enough..  Maybe someday after he has proven worthy, System Engineering might be his aspirations again.

Life is still hard, lessons learned from the Badlands and the Hardlands shall come handy but new lessons must be learned as well.

Struggling in Life in Pursuit of Happiness.  Just what is happiness?  Well, happiness is a Soulless System.  A system where everything works in perfect precision.  You might say that I’m a perfectionist..  I may very well be, it is something that I aspires..

Nonetheless, no one’s perfect, you can try but definitely you cannot achieve perfection.  Only God and possibly his Messengers (God knows and God knows best)..


1. Wan Adnan - 14 October 2009

today i found centos repo in jaring rack, thank for your afford, hope our linux user is this country will increase rapidly

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